Free Hot Lunches

We are delighted to inform you that every child who attends Scoil Ghobnatan will receive a free hot lunch and two small snacks every day. We have recently partnered up with Carambola as our School Meals Program provider. Parents/Guardians can pre-order their child's food from Carambolas website or mobile App where they have a wide variety of meals to choose from including halal, vegetarian, gluten free and dairy free options. Order before 3pm on Friday for the following week.
Carambola School Meals - 5 Star School Food Ireland
Every individual lunch is hand-made and each of our staff has bought in to the fact that we are not just providing lunches, but much more importantly, we are feeding children.

Recent times have been very exciting and have resulted in some great tributes to our endeavours to do our very best for the children that we serve. With a 100% food safety record since 2003 we were also awarded a distinction in food safety in the last two consecutive years.

We are absolutely committed to doing our very best for the children and schools that we serve. We will leave no stone unturned to ensure that:

  The children get the best and healthiest lunch possible with the most variety.
  Our service to schools and the children is second to none.
  ​We do everything in our power to enhance the welfare of all the children.
For further details visit Carambola's website Carambola School Meals - 5 star School Food Ireland