Green Schools

The Green School Committee in our school wanted to create a school garden for pupils and teachers to enjoy. This was a very exciting project for all involved. Our first step in this project was to complete a school clean up. Miss O’Callaghan’s 4th Class and the Green School Committee pupils all went on a big clean up in our school. We were also very lucky to have 2 parents who came to assist us with the clean up process. We collected over 20 bags of waste and filled a full skip of rubbish. It was a very productive day and it was great to have so many teachers, pupils and parents involved in the day. Once the school clean up was completed, we proceeded to step 2. This involved coming up with a plan on how we were going to landscape our garden. Ken Joyce from Joyce’s garden centre in Malow came up with an exciting plan for our garden. A member of our Mallow community came into our school and dug out the garden for us. Once this was completed, we were finally able to move onto picking suitable plants for our garden. Ken Joyce advised us to pick a mix of pansies, primroses and perennial plants. The pupils on the green school committee from 2nd/3rd class planted the flowers in our school garden. The process of establishing a garden in our school has been very successful and has made our school more vibrant and colourful to look at. We have beautiful flowers, a bird table and a bug hotel in our garden also. Darran from the school completion programme collaborated with parents and children to design a fabulous sign for our garden also. We hope to expand our garden a little bit every year.