Board of Management

The Board of Management is the decision making body of the school and is made up of eight members. They hold a four year term of office. It comprises of the Chairperson, Principal, two parent nominees (a father and a mother), two patron nominees, one teacher and two community nominees elected by the Board of Management. The Board of Management meets regularly each year.

Functions of the Board of Management

Boards of Management are responsible for the direct government of schools. The duties of the Board of Management include the following:

  • The appointment of teachers and ancillary staff;
  • Approving school closures;
  • Approving teacher absences for a variety of reasons;
  • The appointment of teachers to deputy/principal and other posts of responsibility;
  • Ensuring compliance with relevant legislation; and
  • Ensuring that schools are adequately insured and maintained.

Board of Management Members for the term 2023 – 2027 

Chairperson: Damien Blake 

Secretary: Donal O’Shea 

Patron Nominee: Monsignor Anthony O’Brien 

Community Nominee: Michelle Moloney 

Community Nominee: Sharon Simcox 

Teacher Nominee: Eleanor Walsh 

Parent Nominee: Nichola Cairns 

Parent Nominee: Niall Moriarty