ASD Class

What is the ASD class?

Our ASD classes are specialised educational settings within our school that aim to provide support and tailored instruction to meet the unique needs of autistic children. These classes have a student teacher ratio of 6:1. The teachers use specialised teaching methods, and interventions designed to address the specific challenges associated with ASD. The staff provides a caring learning environment which facilitates the nurturing of each pupil’s full educational potential. The Principal, Teachers, Support staff and Parents are partners in their children’s education with co-operation and communication between home and school being vital ingredients in the educational process.

Integration into mainstream classes.

The ASD class teachers aim to integrate the children into their mainstream classes as often as possible throughout the school day. ASD class teachers and SNA’s assist the children in the mainstream classes to support successful integration.

Criteria for Enrolment.

A diagnosis from a psychiatrist, psychologist or a member of a Multi-Disciplinary team that has assessed and classified the child as autistic according to DSM-IV, DSM-V or ICD 10 criteria and the overall IQ score/level of ability as measured in an Educational Assessment must fall within the Average or Mild General Learning Disability Range and a recommendation for a placement in a special class within a mainstream school. If the school does not receive this documentation with the Enrolment Application form the application will not be processed or considered by the school. If the number of children on the list of applicants exceeds the number of places available then the school will follow the criteria from its enrolment policy to fill these positions.

How to apply?

Places in our ASD Class will be granted on a referral basis. Demand for places can exceed capacity. Each child’s placement in the ASD class will be reviewed after a two year period following a psychological assessment and input from the multi–disciplinary team.

The process of enrolment begins with:

  1. A telephone call or visit in person from the parents to the school.
  2. A school application form, showing family details and medical history is completed. This application must be accompanied by an up-to-date educational psychological assessment and diagnostic report.
  3. Fully completed applications are then recorded in the applications file.
  4. Entry into this file secures a place on the list of applicants.