Green School

Friday October 17th 2014 was a wonderful day of celebration for Scoil Ghobnatan, as we raised our second Green Flag, The Energy Awareness Flag.

Pupils, staff, parents, members of the Board of Management and representatives of the wider community joined with us on the day to celebrate our great achievement.

Our whole school community, supported by an enthusiastic and hard-working Green Schools Committee had ensured that our school had ticked all the boxes for the Energy Awareness theme.


Our Green School Energy code reminds us:
1. L.O.L.O. – Last out lights Off
2. Keep the future bright – turn off the lights
3. Why standby? Flick that switch

Unfortunately due to inclement weather conditions our flag raising ceremony was conducted indoors in our school hall. This in no way dampened our spirits as the school band and choir entertained us. Their energy and enthusiasm made our celebration a memorable one.

Our Principal Mr. Walsh thanked the Green Schools Committee for their huge efforts in helping to receive this prestigious award. He congratulated all our pupils and staff for their hard work and dedication to environmental awareness and energy conservation.

Colette O’Regan from the Energy Awareness Agency in Mallow also congratulated the children and the staff and wished us continued success with our efforts in saving energy at hone and in school.
Mr. Walsh presented certificates of achievement to our Litter Wardens who represented every class in the school. Our Litter Wardens had worked hard during the year to ensure the Scoil Ghobnatan is a litter free zone and that we are doing our utmost to recycle as much as possible.

sg-2014-green-flag-0006 sg-2014-green-flag-0005

Our Litter Code is:
1. Stop! Can this be recycled?
2. All lunch leftovers and empty cartons are taken home and recycled at home.
3. Tissues are put in the tissue bin.
4. As little as possible goes in the waste bin.

Certificates were also presented to our Appliance Monitors. The Appliance Monitors represented each corridor and had the responsibility of making sure that all appliances are switched off every evening.

sg-2014-green-flag-0003 sg-2014-green-flag-0004 sg-2014-green-flag-0008 sg-2014-green-flag-0007

Then came the moment we had all been waiting for – the roll of the drums, the count down from ten and the massive cheer and round of applause, as our Green Flag was proudly raised by members of the Green School Committee.

Míle buíochas to all involved , especially to Tony, our caretaker for all his help during the year.

Scoil Ghobnatan is now looking forward to a new year and working towards a new flag. The incoming committee will be hard at work on the Water Theme. Have a look through our water tips and let’s make 2015 a water conservation year.

  • Use your washing machine and dishwasher only when full
  • Turn off that tap while brushing your teeth
  • Take a shower rather than a bath
  • Take shorter showers
  • Collect rain water to water your garden or to wash your car
  • Use a bucket instead of a hose when washing the car
  • Check your taps and pipes for any leaks – use the water meter to check for hidden water leaks
  • Keep a jug of drinking water in the fridge
  • Fill the kettle with the amount of water you neesg-2014-green-flag-0002 sg-2014-green-flag-0001