Rocket Builders!!!


Today during our science lesson in Mr. Whelan’s 3rd class we learned about forces and created our very own rockets – balloon rockets!!!

balloon-rocket-008 balloon-rocket-009

To propel our rockets, some kind of force must push them forward. A force is the amount of push or pull on an object. The mechanical force that pushes our rockets through the air is known as thrust. In this experiment, our balloon rockets are propelled by pressure. Pressure is the amount of force exerted on an area.

balloon-rocket-011 balloon-rocket-007 balloon-rocket-006 balloon-rocket-004

The following are the steps we used to create our rockets and conduct our experiment:

  • Blow up the balloon and twist its opening
  • Seal it by pinching it with our fingers
  • Thread the string through the straw
  • Use sticky tape to attach the balloon to the straw
  • Two members of the group hold either end of the string and pull it tight
  • Slide the balloon to the end of the string
  • When you are ready, release the balloon
  • Watch the balloon rocket travel along the string.
  • Discuss if we can improve our process
balloon-rocket-002 balloon-rocket-001

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