School Opening Times

School opens at 8.50a.m. and pupils are expected to attend school regularly and punctually. Children who are late will go to the main entrance door near the office and the principal will greet them.

Although often times it is factors outside their own control that causes children to be late it is important that they are encouraged to be punctual. If children continue to be late the principal will ring parents or organise a meeting with them. Infants are dismissed at 1:30p.m. while the remainder of the school is dismissed at 2.30p.m..

  • There is no supervision in the playground before 8.50a.m. or after 2.30p.m..
  • Children are allowed enter the school at 8:40a.m. as this helps parents with getting to work  on time and also alleviates the parking congestion in the car park.
  •  Children who are not picked up by 2.35p.m., are to wait in the main entrance area near the principal’s office.