Our School Ethos

Scoil Ghobnatan is a mixed Primary School under the Patronage of the Roman Catholic Bishop of Cloyne. In accordance with the general practice in Catholic schools, our pupils are prepared for the Sacraments of Reconciliation, First Communion and Confirmation. The school is run according to the basic principles of Christianity- love of God and love of others-. We endeavour to foster an atmosphere of inclusiveness in our school that encourages respect for diversity of values, religions, traditions and cultures in the society of today.

Mission Statement

We strive to foster in the children a sense of pride in our Irish heritage through music, literature, drama and sport. We are conscious of our privileged position in today’s world, and the beautiful environment in which we live. We have strong commitment to teaching our students to be good citizens, both in a local and in a global sense. We aim at all times to have a litter free school and encourage the recycling and re-using of materials. We teach our children about energy conservation and the need to protect the natural resources of our planet. We foster an awareness of the terrible plight of children in other parts of the world, and we direct the natural generosity of our children towards helping those less fortunate in the world.

The school encourages all children to develop their individual talents to the full, be it in the classroom, on the sports field, or in the other recreational activities. We believe that in order to successfully care for our children, close links need to be forged between school and home, and we are fortunate  as since our foundation our parents have always realised the value of good communication between school and home.