Junior Infants Work at Home – Week: April 20th – April 25th 2020

  • Your child is not saying the name of the sound. He/she is only saying the sound the letter makes and words that begin with / contain that sound.
  • Encourage your child to think of words which begin/contain each sound!
  1. Jolly phonics Sounds Bag:

New Sound: er   . Words that contain ‘er’ can be drawn and/or pictures stuck into sound copy e.g. teacher, farmer, fern, her, mixer, sister, dinner

‘er’ action: ‘Roll hands over & over each other saying ‘er, ‘er’ ‘ as if they are a mixer . Revise all sounds in the Sound bag.

  1. Tricky Words: New word: said. (Parents , please write the word on a piece of card similar to the size of the other words already in the Tricky Word bag & put it into the tricky word bag).

Encourage your child to give you sentences containing the word said and other tricky words in the bag e.g.  ‘My mom said that I must go to bed /  The dog said ‘woof’  / Who said that? …etc.’.

These words need to be learnt as a sight word i.e. When your child sees these words he/she needs to say these words immediately. Revise all the words in the Tricky Word Bog.

  1. Rhyme: Revise ’Hey Diddle Diddle’ & the other rhymes in the folder.

This week we will revisit ‘Hey Diddle Diddle’. Please encourage your child to put their Peter Pointer finger under each word as they share read with you. Your child can read any word that they know and you can read the words that they have difficulty with. Please focus on tricky words and simple 3 letter words which your child can sound out. Your child can draw a ring around any words that they can identify / read.

  1. Blending: Help your child to sound out the sounds in these Encourage your child to say each of the sounds individually first e.g. p-u-b =  pub.                                    Parents, please write these words as a list  in your child’s Homework Copy.

Monday:           pub, gun

Tuesday:          flip, land

Wednesday:     fun, band

Thursday:         bun, loft

Friday:             run gift                                                             Blend each of the words every evening.


  1. Number Work: Count up to 10. Start at a different number sometimes e.g. 5,6,7,8,9,10, 7, 8,9,10,          Count back from 5.
  2. Maths: These are some ideas for helping your child this week with maths.
  • When you are putting things away or tidying up at home, ask your child to help you sort the items. For example, if you are sorting the socks, ask your child to put the socks in 2 different groups: girls’ socks and boys’ socks. Then count how many boys’ socks there are and how many girls’ socks’ there are – which has the biggest amount (the most)?
  • When you come home from grocery shopping, place everything on the kitchen table. Ask your child to divide the contents into 2 groups. Group 1 could be everything that goes in the fridge. Group 2 could be everything that goes in the fruit bowl. Which group had the most things? Which group had the least?
  • Sit at the window and look outside. Pick something that can be sorted, such as traffic passing. Give your child a piece of paper and some crayons. Tell him/her to colour a red spot every time he/she sees a red car or truck passing. Do the same with a blue crayon. After 5 minutes, ask your child to count which colour vehicle passed most often.
  • If your child has a birthday party coming up, get him/her to ask the children who are invited which treat is their favourite, chocolate or crisps. Ask your child how he/she is going to record the results. Afterwards, ask your child how many children prefer chocolate and how many prefer crisps. Which treat is the favourite? You can have lots of fun developing this concept at home.
  1. Reading: Read some books at home. Look at and chat about the pictures. See if you can spot any tricky word or if you can read any short word by blending. Guess what might happen at the end of the story.

Writing Homework (Mrs Kelleher / Ms. Bourke / Ms. Carey)

Monday:          Cracking Maths pg. 89 (Mrs Kelleher)

Cracking Maths pg. 28 (Ms. Burke, Ms. Carey)

                        Sounds Make Words pg. 57

                        Handwriting pg. 12


Tuesday:         Cracking Maths pg. 90 (Mrs Kelleher)

Cracking Maths pg. 29 (Ms. Burke, Ms. Carey)

Pre Reading Activity Book pg. 70


Wednesday:    Pre Reading Activity Book pg.  71

Sounds Make Words pg. 58


Thursday:       Sounds Make Words pg. 59

Grow in Love pg. 42


Friday             Handwriting Book pg. 13

                        Grow in Love pg. 43

Writing Homework Mrs.McCarthy’s Junior Infants

Monday:         Cracking Maths pge 28

Sounds make words pg.37

Just Handwriting pg. 12( h )


Tuesday:         Pre Reading Activity Book pg.70

Cracking Maths pge.29


Wednesday:    Pre Reading Activity Book pge. 71

Sounds make words pge. 39

Thursday:       Sounds make words pge. 75

Grow In Love pg 47

Friday:             Just Handwriting pg.18 ( b )

Grow In Love pg 48

Dear Parents. It would be wonderful if you had a look at what your child would have been learning in ‘Grow in Love’ at this time. By following the link below you will be able to see fantastic engaging videos, art ideas and music that go with each lesson.  We wish you and your family every blessing during this COVID 19 period. To access the online material log on to: www.growinlove.ie   with the following details:

Email:  trial@growinlove.ie

Password: growinlove

Junior Infants:     Theme7: The Church                          Lesson 1. Places to Pray

Extra Activities:

  • PE, Ball games – can you play football/hurling/basketball/tennis in your garden? Try a GoNoodle/Joe Wicks activity every day!
  • Outside (Back garden)-plant flowers, become an explorer, have a teddy bear picnic, make an obstacle course
  • Inside – do a jigsaw, read to a special teddy bear, paint, draw, play with lego, make playdough, sing a song
  • Household- help at home! Clean your room, help dust, keep an eye on the recycling, help put away the shopping

Please refer to handwriting sheet below for correct formation and words to use when writing each letter.


  • RTE Home School  – will broadcast two hours of “school on TV” to support primary school children and their parents at home. It will air every weekday, for two hours from 10am on RTÉ2 starting Monday, 11 January 2021.

  • Cúla4 on TG4 provides plenty of Gaeilge programmes which children can watch to keep up their Gaeilge learning.

  • Water Safety Now every child can learn basic water safety skills at home

  • Twinkl.ie have excellent school closures packs which can be used as extra work from home should your child like to do some extra activities – use code CVDTWINKLEHELPS for a free month when signing up

  • Let’s Play Ireland is a government-led initiative aimed at promoting play for all children living in Ireland during the COVID-19 emergency.

Special Education Needs

  • NCSE  – The National Council for Special Education (NCSE) is currently preparing online resources for children with Special Educational Needs who are at home as a result of the schools’ closure.