Ireland’s Travel School of the Year 2017

Travel School of the year 2017 - Scoil Ghobnatan

Congratulations to Scoil Ghobnatan and their Green Schools Committee who cleaned the boards at the Travel Challenge Awards Ceremony in the Hilton Hotel in Dublin on Wednesday 10-05-2017 .

The pupils, parents and staff of Scoil Ghobnatan had participated in the Green Schools Big Travel Challenge in February.  Working on their fourth green flag, the Travel Flag, the Green Schools Committee decided to participate in this challenge to promote walking and park ‘n’ striding to school.


Scoil Ghobnatan Ireland's Travel School of the Year

This was a whole school initiative which involved, daily recordings of walkers and park ‘n’ striding to school, SESE lessons on global warming and fossil fuels, visiting the website to explore road safety and learn the safe cross code as well as many class activities for example composing poems on walking to school etc.

During the ten day challenge our Green Schools Committee were extremely busy delivering daily bulletins over the intercom, keeping staff and pupils motivated and informed as well as announcing the daily winners of the Golden Boot Award to the classes with the highest percentage of walkers and park ‘n’ striders each day.


You can imagine our delight when we were nominated for an award at the Travel Challenge Awards Ceremony in Dublin.  So it was with great excitement and anticipation that our Green Schools Committee travelled to the Hilton Hotel for the Awards Ceremony.

Fortunately for us we had the opportunity to avail of a guided tour of Kilmainham Gaol prior to the ceremony.  This was a moving experience for all the committee members and one of the many highlights of the day.

When we arrived at the Hilton Hotel the excitement was palpable.  We had time to meet and greet the pupils of the other seven nominated schools from all over Ireland and to view their display boards.

Michael John O’Mahony, Director of An Taisce’s Environmental Education Unit welcomed everybody.  In his speech he commended Green Schools Committees from the various school for their tireless commitment to encouraging their school communities to walk, cycle, scoot, park ‘n’stride, use public transport or carpool instead of using the private car on the school run.

Guest speaker John Sweeney Irish Climate Analysis and Research Unit at Maynooth University presented a very interesting and relevant powerpoint on Global Warming and our Carbon Footprint.

travel-award-an-taisce-006travel-award-an-taisce-007Finally came the moment we had all been waiting for.  We were totally elated and overjoyed when we discovered that not only had we won Walking School of the Year 2017 but we had also won the overall prize, Ireland’s Travel School of the Year 2017 and a cheque for €1000 for our school.

We are very proud of the pupils and staff of Scoil Ghobnatan and especially proud of our hard working and dedicated Green Schools Committee.  They continue their work this week promoting National Walk to School Week.

So from all of us here at Scoil Ghobnatan remember

“Hit the street with your feet” and “Save fuel, be cool and walk to school”



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