Developing oral language with your child – top ten tips for parents / guardians

Developing Oral Language at Scoil Ghobnatan

Infants – 1st class
• Listen to what your child is saying/ trying to say and respond to contributions
• Make and maintain eye contact while talking with your child
• Explain the meaning of words
• Talk through activities
• Talk through everyday experiences
• Involve your child in discussions/ plans
• Ask/ answer questions
• Teach your child nursery rhymes/ songs/ poems/ raps
• Develop your child’s receptive language by asking him/her to follow simple instructions
• Assist your child to express ideas in an orderly fluent way
• Read to your child each night

2nd – 4th class
• Set aside 10-15 minutes to discuss the day’s happenings
• Encourage your child to express and justify opinions
• Involve your child in adult conversations when appropriate
• Talk about the child’s favourite T.V programme
• Play language games which focus on words i.e. Scrabble, crosswords
• Encourage your child to talk about experiences with a range of people; peers, relations, other adults
• Listen carefully and clarify meaning ‘Do you mean/ or is this what you mean?’
• Encourage your child to give reasons for decisions
• Encourage your child to listen courteously to the opinion of others
• Talk about school topics and assignments

5th and 6th class
• Encourage your child to develop a positive attitude to speaking/ listening
• Discuss your child’s school work successes/ concerns/ interests
• Respect your child’s opinions and feelings
• Involve your child in adult conversations, when appropriate
• Help your child to extend his range of words in specialised subjects
• Encourage your child to listen and respond courteously to others
• Watch and discuss TT.V news/ current affairs programmes together
• Assist your child to locate information in local library, internet
• Talk about school topics and assignments
• Play commercial games that focus on word building


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