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Second Class Science Fun.

This week we learned all about volcanoes. We made lava lamps as a science experiment. It was great fun. We observed how water and

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An Tornapa Mór (Rang a dó)

Seo gearrthóg físe as “An Tornapa Mór” le rang a dó Miss Sweeney. Bain taitneamh as!

Seó Faisin Rang a Dó

Bhí Seó Faisin againn. Bhaineamar an taitneamh as. Bhí na páistí go léir ag caitheamh éadaí deasa.

S.E.S.E Trail to Mallow Castle

Rang a dó explored the local area this week. We investigated the history of the Resurrection Church, Mallow castle and the Clockhouse. We had

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