Audio Drama Workshop at Mallow Library

Audio Drama Workshop Scoil Ghobnatan

Mr. Whelan’s 2nd class had a great visit to Mallow library to take part in an Audio Drama Workshop as part of Children’s Book Festival.  Prior to attending the workshop in the library, the story of The Adventures of the Stripy Pyjamas was presented to the children in audio format in the classroom.

After walking to Mallow Library To begin the workshop, Ann Dalton, Writer/Producer, presented the background and development of The Adventures of the Stripy Pyjamas, first as a piece of writing and then as a piece of audio. We looked at how an idea for a story can begin and take flight and then how some sound effects can bring it all to life for audio drama.

The children were encouraged to engage and interact throughout the workshop. Ann chatted with them about the various elements of the story;

  • the storyline
  • the characters
  • use of humour, rhyme etc.
  • differences in writing stories for radio and books
  • and how stories can come to life through so many mediums such as songs, comic strips, printed books, audio books, film etc. will be highlighted.

By introducing children to the world of audio books and audio drama, they had a fantastic opportunity to improve their listening skills, and to enhance the development of their imagination, without the constant reliance on visual stimulation.

Thanks so much to Mallow Library and to Writer/Producer Ann Dalton who made our day very exciting.


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