6th Class Work at Home – Week: May 5th – May 8th 2020

Maths Answers Tuesday


Am don Léamh 6 pg 58/59 (a,b,c & d) Na Lámhainní Peile (The Football Gloves)

If unsure of words use dictionary or Google Translate


Unit 18 – Barter, Trade and Money

Read pgs 96,97 &98

Ans: p.99 A1-5, B1-4, C1-3, D2,


Unit 19 – China

Read pgs 104 and 105. Ans pg 105 Q’s 1 and 3

Read pgs 106,107 and 108. Ans pg 108 A 1-5, B 1-6 (use map on p.73 to help) and C 2.

PE: Follow Joe Wicks daily workouts. Take a walk/kick a football/get some exercise.


Starlight Reader: Unit 15 A ’Why We Need a park For Elderly People’ pgs; 170,171 & 172.

Ans pg 173 A1-5 and blue box, B1-5, C1-6,

p.174 D1-6, E – synonyms (similar meaning) and antonyms (opposite meaning).

pg.175 G Plan a persuasive letter to Mr. Walsh.


Maths: Weight p.143 to 146

Tuesday: *1000g = 1 kg,  1000kg = 1 tonne*

p.143 Units of Measurement;  Q1 ,2 and 3.

1.make a list of objects which weigh about 1 gramme ( a leaf,  a feather…)

  1. Match the correct weight to the correct object ( pen = 20 g…)
  2. Appropriate instruments of weight ( Kitchen scales = 2 apples)

Wednesday: p.144 Q’s 3,4,5 and 6.

Eg: How many grammes in a kg ( 1000g = 1kg)(250g =0.25kg )(25g=0.025kg)

1/4kg =250g ( 1000g divided by 4), 9/10 of 2kg = 1,800g ( 2000g divided by 10, multiplied by 9)

Thursday: p 145 Q 3,4,5 and 6.

Eg: Decimals 3g = 0.003kg, 40g = 0.04kg, 600g=0.6kg, 2140g =2.14kg

*For Q 5, change all weights to the correct decimal before solving the sum.

Friday: p.146 Word problems Q1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6.

Eg:  Bananas are £1.60 per kg.

500g of bananas =  £1.60 divided by 2 = 80c

100g of bananas = £1.60 divided by 10 = 16c


Religion:  Grow in Love 6

Read pg 90 – Each Of Us Is Precious To God and the Think About It exercise ( no writing, just think about it )

Read pg 91- How We Should Treat One Another, answer Journal exercise: Living Up To God’s Image Of Me

Read pg 92 – Pope Francis And Social Media and the Think About It exercise ( Just think about it)

Read pg 93 – Read poem The Real Me!



Art: Create a fan

You need: paper, lollipop sticks, glue and colours.

  1. Fold paper in half horizontally (like a book!)
  2. On folded side, draw a fan shape(like a rainbow) and cut.
  3. Lightly draw a piece from nature (your choice)
  4. Use bright, vibrant colours or paint
  5. Fold paper back and forth, creasing each time. Gather paper together to form the fan and glue.
  6. Tape to lollipop stick to form a handle.


  • RTE Home School  – will broadcast two hours of “school on TV” to support primary school children and their parents at home. It will air every weekday, for two hours from 10am on RTÉ2 starting Monday, 11 January 2021.

  • Cúla4 on TG4 provides plenty of Gaeilge programmes which children can watch to keep up their Gaeilge learning.

  • Water Safety Now every child can learn basic water safety skills at home

  • Twinkl.ie have excellent school closures packs which can be used as extra work from home should your child like to do some extra activities – use code CVDTWINKLEHELPS for a free month when signing up

  • Let’s Play Ireland is a government-led initiative aimed at promoting play for all children living in Ireland during the COVID-19 emergency.

Special Education Needs

  • NCSE  – The National Council for Special Education (NCSE) is currently preparing online resources for children with Special Educational Needs who are at home as a result of the schools’ closure.