Work at Home – Week: May 25th – May 29th 2020

Maths Answers Mon-Fri

On Fri. 12th June school will open for 5th & 6th class pupils for a limited time period (to be finalised). We are asking you to return the History & Geography book rentals , school library books, class novels (The Silver Sword & Guns of Easter) and school musical instruments on this day. If you have Religion (Grow in Love 6) or the 6th class Starlight English reader that you would like to donate to the school we will also gratefully accept these on the day.  On that day we will also return any tour monies you have paid (including deposits which Tayto Park refunded).

Religion: pg118-121

Pg 118/119 Read KEY WORDS twice:  Read “Parable of the 10 young women” , Jesus shows us the path to heaven & Purgatory & pg 119 Ans. Q1-5 & Think about it ( NO WRITING)

Pg 120 Read & ans. Think about it (THINK ONLY)

Pg 121 Read

English pg 186-189

Read pg 186 Read Poem “On Aging”

Ans pg 186 A1-5 + blue box, B1-5 + Google Maya Angelou-( Read about her/ Do not write), C1-6

Pg 188 D1-6

Pg 189 F (part 1) 1-6  &  (part 2) 1-6

Geography UNIT 21 TRADE

Read 116/117 & ans Q 1-4; read 118/119/120 & ans Q 1-5


This month marked the 75th anniversary of VE Day celebrations to end World War 2 in 1945 – Google and listen to a video clip on it.


Duolingo for schools- We are going to use this website for Irish as we have the book finished. Each pupil has been assigned a username and password.

Each teacher has set up a class list with usernames & passwords. To access this  a parent must email your class teacher  or  and we will forward the details to you. There are different levels in this- we will start at the 1st one and work up from there each week.

Maths; Directed Numbers (positive (+ve) & negative(-ve) no.’s)

This week we are doing directed numbers from Busy at Maths 6 as it is more straightforward & easier to understand than Mathemagic 6 (your books).









  • RTE Home School  – will broadcast two hours of “school on TV” to support primary school children and their parents at home. It will air every weekday, for two hours from 10am on RTÉ2 starting Monday, 11 January 2021.

  • Cúla4 on TG4 provides plenty of Gaeilge programmes which children can watch to keep up their Gaeilge learning.

  • Water Safety Now every child can learn basic water safety skills at home

  • have excellent school closures packs which can be used as extra work from home should your child like to do some extra activities – use code CVDTWINKLEHELPS for a free month when signing up

  • Let’s Play Ireland is a government-led initiative aimed at promoting play for all children living in Ireland during the COVID-19 emergency.

Special Education Needs

  • NCSE  – The National Council for Special Education (NCSE) is currently preparing online resources for children with Special Educational Needs who are at home as a result of the schools’ closure.