Work at Home – Week: May 5th – May 8th 2020

6th Class Maths Answers – May 6th

Q3.( 2kg=2000g)  A. 2000/500=4, B. 2000/200=10, C. 2000/250=8, D. 2000/400=5, E 2000/100=20, F. 2000/125=16

Q4. (1kg=1000g, 3kg=3000g etc)

  1. 2000g/4=500g, B. 3000g/2=1500g, C. 3000g/4=750g, D. 3000g/8=375g, E. 2000g/10=200g, F. 2000g/5=400g, G. 2000g/10×9=1800g, H. 3000g/10×3=900g, I. 2000g/8×3=750g, J. 2000g/8×5=1250g, K. 3000g/8×7-2625g, L. 3000g/5×3=1800g

Q5. (i) a=125g, b=625g, c=605g, d=250g, e=350g, f=630g.

(ii) a=50g, b= 1150g, c=1005g, d=2175g,e= 2045g, f=1030g

Q6. 1kg-850g (change 1kg to 1000g)= 150g


  • RTE Home School  – will broadcast over an hour of “school on TV” to support primary school children and their parents at home. It will run from 11-12 Monday to Friday on RTÉ 2, with a shorter “catch-up” segment later in the afternoon. It will be aimed particularly at children in 1st to 6th class.

  • Cúla4 on TG4 provides plenty of Gaeilge programmes which children can watch to keep up their Gaeilge learning.

  • My 2020 Covid-19 Time Capsule – a great resource to help capture the memories from the time we spend safe at home.

  • Water Safety Now every child can learn basic water safety skills at home

  • have excellent school closures packs which can be used as extra work from home should your child like to do some extra activities – use code CVDTWINKLEHELPS for a free month when signing up

  • Let’s Play Ireland is a government-led initiative aimed at promoting play for all children living in Ireland during the COVID-19 emergency.

  • Active HOME Week are inviting you to participate in the ‘Active HOME Week‘ challenge.

Special Education Needs

  • NCSE  – The National Council for Special Education (NCSE) is currently preparing online resources for children with Special Educational Needs who are at home as a result of the schools’ closure.

Messages for 6th Class

  • #Messagesfor6thclass  – Some helpful messages for 6th class pupils as they move from Primary School to Secondary School