Covid-19 Update – School Phased Reopening

Building on the return to school in recent weeks of children in special schools and in special classes at primary and post-primary level, the Government has decided on a phased return of students to in-school education.

The Department of Health and the HSE have reaffirmed that schools in themselves are low risk environments and that a gradual phased reopening can occur at this time. Public health has reviewed the measures put in place to ensure safe operation of schools and is satisfied that these infection prevention and control measures, if rigorously adhered to, will keep the school community safe during this period. They emphasise that all measures must be followed carefully by students, staff and parents.

There will be a period of time between each phase to assess the impact of reopening on aspects of community transmission.

On Monday 1 March the first four class groups at primary level – junior and senior infants, first and second class – and final year Leaving Certificate students will return to in-school provision. This phase will also see a return to full attendance for children in special schools, as well as children in early start pre-school classes and early intervention special classes for children with autism or hearing impairment.

Monday 15 March is the target date for the return to in-school provision of the rest of primary school children – third to sixth class, and fifth year Leaving Certificate students. This date will be reviewed during the period following 1 March.

Covid-19 Update from Mr. O’Shea

Dear Parents/Guardians,

The school is pro-active in promoting best practice, to minimise risk to pupils, staff, parents/guardians and visitors.  We are in frequent contact with the HSE and Department of Education and are updated with their expert advice.

Return to Educational Facility Parental Declaration Form

All parents/guardians of pupils from Junior Infants, Senior Infants ,1st Class and 2nd Class must have returned a ‘Return to Educational Facility Parental Declaration Form’ via Aladdin Connect or downloaded, printed, signed and returned the form to the school on/before Friday 26th February 2021

Work at Home – Week: Mar 8th – Mar 12th 2021

Homework – Mar 8th – Mar 12th – 3rd to 6th Class

Back to school advice for parents

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